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Thank you for choosing our country for your investment. Vietnam has been an ideal destination for investment since it officially became a member of WTO in 2007. The investment policy has been improved so much for over 10 years. The new laws on Investment and Enterprise in 2014 help to complete the legal framework for business activities of investors in Vietnam.

The investors have 2 options for investment as follows:

Direct Investment:

Investment through establishment of foreign invested company.

The investors just pay attention to required documents and the rest is our job. The required documents are summarized as follows:  

If the investor is a company: 

  • Authenticated copy of the company’s license (2 copies)
  • Financial Statement for 2 years (1 copy)
  • – Charter of the company (Memorandum of association) (1 copy)
  • Copy of the representative’s passport (2 copies)
  • Office lease contract (1 copy)

If the investor is a person (individual). 

  • Copy of the investor’s passport (2 copies)
  • Bank statement (1 copy)
  • Office lease contract (1 copy)

More details, refer to establishment of foreign invested company.


Indirect Investment

Investment through share purchase or capital contribution to local company.

1. Document requirement:

+ If the investor is an individual:

  • Authenticated copy of passport of the investor
  • Authenticated copy of Business Registration Certificate of local company.

+ If the investor is an organization:

  • Authenticated copy of the representative’s  passport.
  • Authenticated copy of License or Certificate of the investor
  •  Authenticated copy of Business Registration Certificate of local company.

More details, refer to share purchase – capital contribution to be a shareholder of local company.

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We are looking forward to being your legal partner to support all the investors to Vietnam.

Establishment of Foreign Invested CompanyEstablishment of Foreign Invested Company

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Establishment of Foreign Invested Company